Just the Beginning!

Here are some musings on why I want to blog…… I have been toying with the idea for YEARS now, discussing with my friends, hemming and hawing about it for ever. In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t follow any blogs. That is not to say I don’t read blogs, because I read blogs, but I don’t “follow” any. I have a friend who blogs regularly about her parenting of an extraordinary child, I read that when I happen to see it posted on Facebook. I always enjoy it, and often find it thought provoking.  Another friend posts great blogs about life which I love to read.  Mostly I stumble across blogs searching for some information on the internet or trolling Facebook (which I do way too much); someone would have posted a blog they read and I read it, all of this is to say I am not a “follower” of any particular blogs.

My thought about blogging was less about blogging and more about writing. I wanted to write:

  • because I love the process.
  • because I love to blow hard about the ridiculousness I see in the world.
  • because I love to laugh with people and I find so much of the world around me extremely funny.
  • because I wanted to have a creative outlet that didn’t involve touching other people and was doable all by myself (more about that in another blog)

In preparation for blogging I polled friends about:

  • What should it be named?
  • Would you actually read a blog I wrote?
  • Do you read blogs at all?
  • Do you think blogging is the height of self centeredness?
  • What should I write?
  • Should I have it centered around on particular topic?

In response to this my friends were very honest and supportive and gave me feedback such as:

  • I would read it, because you wrote it.
  • I have to admit, however, that I don’t always have the patience to read through all of someone’s blog postings. Sometimes I just want bullet points! Most people are not as lazy as me. (Oh YES we are!)
  • I love your writing and think you have some pretty thoughtful insights. I’d read it. And if you start it and it’s crap, we’ll tell you!
  • I don’t love blogs but I’d read yours, most of the time. Kind of like daily devotions or meditation; I like the idea but know I don’t have what it takes to really follow through. However, you can really turn a phrase, so if you do a blog I’ll try to read it every day….right after my morning devotions!
  • I would definitely read a blog written by you. I would even bring you ginger shortbread cookies should you suffer from writer’s block in the future. (I’ll be holding her to that!)

God, I love my friends. The best part- over the years I have developed the kind of friendships with people that are so real, they will totally tell me if I suck at this. Some with kinder words than others, because although I love the word SUCK, some of my friends are more refined than I am. Not to say that I can’t act refined and mind my P’s and Q’s when the need arises, but I have built a life where the need arises seldom- Thankfully.

So come along for the ride, see what comes up for topics- laughs, tears, a little of both.